Emily Kimball

Singer | Composer | Performer

“I wanna see what's there beneath the surface, so I close my eyes more and more each day” sings Emily Kimball on “Forget The Way” from her 2018 album, Steinway Nights.

This dreamy invocation is typical of this New York City based indie rock songstress; Her wistful and organic lead vocals pepper the indie-rock-meets-Americana-inspired backdrop of drums, bass, and guitar. Chillfiltr says of her sound: “You can hear echoes of something like a Fleetwood Mac in the happy marriage of rock flavors with the soul of a country ballad and the precise use of electric guitar to adorn the mix with blues licks.”

She performs with long-time collaborator Sam Beebe on Guitar and Vocals, Ben Fleisher on Bass, and Chris Davies on Drums.

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